The Truly Educated Never Graduate 

What does it mean? Never Graduate means always rooting for the home team, and never losing the wide-eyed and eager spirit you walked into your first day of college with. To be Truly Educated means to always be growing, learning, and yes - partying. Hold fast to youth. Freshman are just as cool as seniors, if not cooler. Go to class, unless you have a good reason to skip - or just a good friend to skip with. It's never too early to tailgate, or too late for Conrad's. Never Graduate is about a brief period in time that makes us who we are. You'll be a college student for four - or five - years, but your alma mater will always be home. 

We started this thing from a dorm room in 2008 with a single t-shirt that read "We Are Not The Same I Am A Spartan." Since then we've expanded our range a bit to include other often-imitated, never-duplicated designs unlike those available anywhere else on campus. It's been fun. It still is. As long as we're Spartans, and as long as you'll have us - we'll keep making the most original collegiate apparel in the country for the best school in the country.

Stay Green